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Sunset Tripper vintage t-shirt
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Sunset Tripper vintage t-shirt

Price: $20.00

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Dim lights The 1970’s was a decade of peace, love, and Choppers. Having an extensive background in motorcycle racing and building his own race bikes, Ron Hagest, Triumph of Burbank owner, set out to build the first production chopper. Triumph of Burbank was a motorsports dealership in Burbank, California, which was the birth place of all custom chopped cars and motorcycles. Ron Hagest had a vision to take the popular Triumph motorcycle engine and create a production line of Choppers that would be ahead of its time. In the back shop of Burbank Triumph in 1970, the Sunset Tripper was born. It grew from an idea to 1,500 production units. These bikes were rode and owned by the finest in Hollywood, even Led Zeppelin owned 4 Sunset Trippers. Ron Hagest and his Triumph of Burbank crew became the industry leaders with the Sunset Tripper. Triumph of Burbank was the 1st dealer with a manufacture license in the state of California, license number was 036.

Fast forward 40 years and now son of Ron Hagest, Chris Hagest, has added a new style of design and function to the motorcycle world. Low and Mean has been the fastest growing aftermarket parts manufacturer, right through a falling economy. Chris Hagest, like his father Ron, understands that the industry needs something new and innovative. Chris knows that this industry was not built by the current talent of V-twin builders. The industry was built by the guys of the 70’s and 80’s. Innovative builders like Ron Hagest, started a chop cult revolution that would take any glorified welder to a superstar. The growing pains of being the first of building an industry was never recognized until now. Not many know or have talked about the Sunset Tripper until a blog from Chop Cult, HERE, released an old article from Road Rider. The Magazine from March of 1972 has a very in-depth article about Ron Hagest and the first production Chopper. Today, we have recreated the original shirt from Triumph of Burbank. This original artwork from 1970 makes this shirt a vintage collection that recognized a beginning in our industry- an industry that has created a lifestyle around the world for millions of fellow riders. Here’s a salute to Ron Hagest and the Sunset Tripper.

To add to the story, Allen Fife an old friend and employee of Ron Hagest had this to add to the history. Allen Fife said: "The concept of the "Sunset Tripper" was originally conceived by Van Nuys Cycle, a Triumph/Yamaha dealer in Van Nuys, CA, just about 7 or 8 miles from Triumph of Burbank. I was the sales manager there at the time and we had been selling customized and chopped Triumphs for about three or four months.  One day at closing time I walked out of the owners office (Norman Best) and standing there taking mental pictures through his eyes stood Ron Hagest, manager of Triumph of Burbank. I yelled "There's a spy in the shop!" and we all had a good laugh over that.  But the mission by Ron Hagest was accomplished.  Before long, the Sunset Tripper was born and the rest is history.  Van Nuys Cycle and Triumph of Burbank then became friendly rivals, trying to outsell each other. Van Nuys Cycle didn't seem to have the ambition Triumph of Burbank had. We never named our choppers or our custom Triumphs, we just continued to sell them until the demand ran out.  Funny thing, some time later Ron Hagest purchased Glendale Yamaha and I went to work for him as a salesman and later the sales manager. Thus began a long and lasting friendship". Allen Fife

The shirt is a 50/50 material, only available in white, sizes M, L, 2XL, 3XL

Limited production quantities available.

Installation directions

• This product fits: You and your buddy
• Installation time: Depends

Installation directions

• Do I have to change my shirt to put this one on?
No, you can double up, just keep the Sunset Tripper shirt on the outside.
• Do I have to buy one shirt at a time?
No, you can buy for all your friends, Limited production so move fast!!!.
• Do you offer this in any other colors?
Yes, white and white.
• Can I buy one for my mom?
Yes, they are uni-sex sizes.
• Do you offer a discount if I have a Sunset Tripper motorcycle?
Hell Yes! We would send you one for trade on the motorcycle!!!


Customer Reviews:

jimbo020  (Saturday, 10 July 2010)
Rating: 5
This is one cool looking shirt! Very nice art work in a great quality printed shirt. Very cool!!!!!!!

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